Desertas Islands

Explore fishing in Desertas

This trip we take you to the best fishing grounds in Madeira. Desertas islands is located 35 nautical miles from Calheta. It will take us about one and a half hours in cruising speed to get you there. We will do jigging and live baiting on depth up to 250 meters. Electrical reels are also […]

Sport Fishing

Get ready for some action!

Sport Fishing On this trip, we start trolling as soon as we leave the marina, targeting smaller game fish. Arriving at the bottom fishing hotspots you will get to try speed jigging, slow pitch jigging, and bottom fishing with dead or live bait. Fishing in deeper waters, you can use our electric supported reels, if […]

Mixed Fishing

Why don't you do both!

Get the best of both worlds! This Mixed fishing trip offers both Big Game Fishing and Sport Fishing. Depending on the season, we fish for different species. During the bottom fishing part, we do Jigging and Bottom fishing with live or dead bait. We target Red snappers, Trigger fish, Amberjack, White Trevally, Scorpion fish and […]

Big Game Fishing

Fight the big ones!

Big Game Fishing Combine cruising along picture-perfect coastlines whilst battling big game fish, and you get Big Game Fishing in Madeira! 4 or 8 hours of trolling for big game species in season. Potential target fish from Big Eye Tuna to White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Spearfish and Wahoo depending on season. All […]

Bottom Fishing

Fresh fish for dinner?

Bottom Fishing On this trip, you will get to explore some of the best bottom fishing spots in Madeira. You’ll use dead bait on light tackle, targeting Snapper, Barred Hogfish, Triggerfish, Bream, Pargo, and more. This is also a perfect family trip as you do not need any experience in fishing in order to catch […]